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How much is NextGen?

NextGen is a 5-day course brought to you online & on-demand, so you can do it your way, in 5 days or 5 months!

For $85 ($17 per day!), you’ll get all the NextGen material including all-new Bible talks and practical workshops. Not only that, you’ll get the confidence to read & share the Bible with others.

NextGen22 Price
$ 85 ($17 per day!)
  • All-new Bible talks by Kit Barker
  • Behind-the-scenes on Kit's talks
  • All-new practical workshops
  • NextGen's core short courses with training booklet
  • Plus more!

NextGen includes:

Short Courses

NextGen’s core short courses (‘strands’), complete with training booklet mailed to you

All-new Bible Talks

Bible talks from our keynote speaker, Kit Barker (Old Testament Lecturer, Director of Research at SMBC), who will be unpacking four Psalms


Verse-by-verse with Kit, who will take you behind-the-scenes on his talk preparation for NextGen

All-new Practical Workshops

All-new practical workshops from ministry experts, with sample topics such as Reaching Generation Z, Engaging all Learners to Engage with God: Including Kids and Teens with Disability, Spiritual Formation of a Leader and From the Bible to a Kids’ Talk

Plus More!

NextGen 2022 Terms & Conditions

Refunds and Cancellations

Due to the digital format of the event, tickets are non-refundable. Please note that we cannot be responsible for any difficulties accessing the event due to your connection or other device issues.

We appreciate your understanding regarding the necessity of these policies. As a small, non- profit organisation with limited cash flow, we make plans and incur expenses based on the number of people we expect to attend our events. When these numbers change due to cancellations, our plans, budgets and ministry ability are all impacted.

Condition of Attendance

All viewers of NextGen 2022 event must be in possession of a paid ticket and ensure that they have the appropriate device(s) and internet connection to successfully stream the talks. KCC will not be responsible for difficulties accessing the talks due to device or internet connection issues.

NextGen 2022 may be captured in photograph, video and audio by authorised KCC personnel. Katoomba Christian Convention Ltd reserves the right to use this material for promotional, editorial and contextual purposes. Visual recordings may able be included as part of recordings of KCC talks available for sale to members of the public and available on the KCC App. These audio and visual source recordings will be kept by Katoomba Christian Convention and accessed by KCC staff and other authorised KCC personnel. If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact us before the convention (

All delegates agree to the conditions of this event.

KCC 2022 Terms & Conditions

View KCC 2022 Convention Terms and Conditions here.