Know the Word.
Love God.
Share the gospel.

About NextGen

NextGen gives you the tools to know and share the Bible well.

God’s Word

Do you often feel ill-equipped to share about the Bible, or run into passages you wish you could understand better?

Leading Others

Do you lead in kids, youth or home groups, and want to be able to give better biblical answers to questions, or know that you’re interpreting the Bible appropriately?


NextGen has been created for people who want to share the Bible with others: in youth groups or Sunday School, but also in school scripture, home groups or 1:1 settings.

From In-Person Convention to Online Resource

A message from the Executive Director

In recent years, we’ve changed the way you can do NextGen, so you can do it your way. This shift was due to the challenges presented by the pandemic. The upsides however, included a lower cost of training and increased accessibility of NextGen resources for groups living in regional and interstate Australia and overseas. NextGen’s mission has always been to train and equip individuals to know God’s Word and teach it to others, and we will continue to uphold this mission regardless of what NextGen looks like.    

So, for now, NextGen will be made available as an easy, accessible training resource for all. 

We want to ensure that although we are unable to run NextGen as an in-person convention, access to the training material is still made available. For over 30 years, we’ve seen thousands of individuals being trained using the NextGen material, and we don’t want this to stop. We’re especially keen to look after everyone who has previously done the training, or wants to start the training, and help them keep going. 

This isn’t the end or goodbye for NextGen. But for now, we are working towards planning for a refreshed and revitalised NextGen for the future, both online and in-person.

— Jonathan Dykes

The process

Doing NextGen Online

As an online and on-demand resource, you can do NextGen anytime, anywhere and complete as many of the short courses as quickly or as slowly as you like, whether you do it in five days or five months. 

By signing up to NextGen Online, you’ll have unlimited access to your learning resources, which includes:

NextGen’s core short courses (‘strands’): 

Rising Leaders: Leadership Development for Youth (specifically designed for Year 11-12 Students)

Strand 1: How to Interpret Bible Passages

Strand 2: Seeing the Big Picture of the Bible

Strand 3: Understanding Issues Biblically

Practical Workshops: 

11 practical video workshops to expand your learning

From special guests on relevant skills and subject areas

For $99, you will receive:

Full access to all NextGen strand booklets, consisting of both trainer and trainee booklets from Rising Leaders to Strand 3B.

All workshop video content produced from NextGen 2022.

No timeframe or deadline for access – once you sign up, you can access all the materials at any time you want.


How do I access NextGen online? Is there a cost?

You will need to register your own user to access these resources online. Once you sign up, you’ll have unlimited access to all materials, so you can refer to them in your own time. 

All we ask is a one-off payment of $99 to help with the running backend costs of keeping the material available and accessible for everyone.  

Access to the portal and material will open soon! In the meantime, you can sign up for updates and be one of the first people to be notified.

Why has NextGen shifted to being an online resource?

We know that the convention format poses challenges for some, particularly cost, location, and accessibility. We understand it can be a challenge to those in areas where ministry is different to the city and where resources can be scarce. So, for now, we want to continue to offer it online.

Our hope is that, as an online resource, NextGen will break down these barriers and allow more people from around Australia and beyond to be trained in how to handle the word of God well and to teach it to others.

For now, we are working towards and thinking about how NextGen will run in the future, what that may look like and how it can be refreshed, whether online or in-person.

What benefit is there to doing NextGen?

We don’t need the brokenness of this world to make us realise that sharing God’s word from the Bible is the most important thing. Even in our happiest and most joyful times we should know God’s word, love God and share the Gospel.

NextGen exists to help you do that.

We believe knowing God’s Word is key to loving God and others. We are passionate about seeing individuals, ministry teams, everyday leaders and churches, grow in their love of God through their understanding of what He says in the Bible, and relating to Him rightly. We hope that through NextGen, God will deepen your love for Him and that you will be strengthened in your faith as you open God’s word and allow Him to transform your life.

Confident about how to approach the Bible

Knowing what to look for when reading the Bible

Able to explain passages biblically to anyone – your Sunday School class, youth group, home group, friends or family

With a renewed love for the gift of God’s Word to us.

Will NextGen come back in person?

KCC is thankful to God for the way that NextGen has trained and impacted so many people  over so many years (12 000 people across 30 years). Not only has it had that impact in Australia — giving rise to many other ‘NextGen-like’ conferences — but in many needy places overseas as well.  

Although we are shifting our material to be accessible online for everyone, we want you to know that we are constantly working towards ways we can refresh and revitalise NextGen for the future, whether online or in-person. We want to see it all continue, God-willing, for another 30 years, better than ever before. KCC is committed to serving you and the church of Jesus Christ wherever and however we can.

Is there a way I can do this in person instead of online?

We definitely recommend doing it with others in a group with a leader who has had some Bible college training or Bible-teaching experience, and where you can share and learn together. Our trainer’s booklet is used as a guide for activity instructions, helpful discussion questions, and more!

We have many official partners who use the NextGen material to train their groups. Click here for more information on these conventions you can join.

I’d like to use the NextGen resource to run our church’s training convention. Where do I start?

We’re so glad to hear you’d love to run your own NextGen Hub! Contact us with your questions and we’ll be able to help provide some answers and resources to get you started.

Our Official NextGen-Endorsed Satellite Conferences

Want to get the full in-person NextGen experience? Enquire with our endorsed satellite conferences below who have adapted the NextGen material.


Ignite Training Conference – Brisbane, QLD

Engage Leaders Conference – Belgrave Heights, VIC

National Training Event (NTE) – Canberra, ACT

Mandarin Bible Training Conference (MBTC) – Sydney, NSW


Equip Conference – New Zealand

NextGen by KVBC Trust – Malaysia

NextGen by Project Timothy – Singapore

NextGen on KCC One

Get a taste of past NextGen Convention talks through ‘KCC One’ – the official KCC app.

What People are Saying

Hear what previous NextGen delegates have to say!

Fantastic training conference that gave me the tools I needed to be confident and competent in reading God’s Word for myself and teaching it with clarity and conviction to others.

— Jenny

NextGen is an amazing experience to grow in your love and knowledge of God. Every year I have been inspired and challenged in my faith and how I teach and encourage others.

— NextGen 2020 Delegate


Get in touch, we will be happy to help!