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NextGen gives you the tools to know and share the Bible well.

God's Word

Do you often feel ill-equipped to share about the Bible, or run into passages you wish you could understand better?

Leading Others

Do you lead in kids, youth or home groups, and want to be able to give better biblical answers to questions, or know that you’re interpreting the Bible appropriately?


Do you need a simple, Bible-based way of training the leaders in your church?

NextGen has been created for people who want to share the Bible with others: in youth groups or Sunday School, but also in school scripture, home groups or 1:1 settings.

You’ll come out of NextGen:

  • Confident about how to approach the Bible
  • Knowing what to look for when reading the Bible
  • Able to explain passages biblically to anyone – your Sunday School class, youth group, home group, friends or family
  • With a renewed love for the gift of God’s Word to us

How does NextGen work?

NextGen is online and on-demand, so you can do it your way, in five days or five months!

NextGen equips you in 3 ways to maximise your learning.

NextGen’s core short courses (‘strands’):

  • Rising Leaders: Leadership Development for Youth (for Year 11-12 students)
  • Strand 1: How to Interpret Bible Passages
  • Strand 2: Seeing the Big Picture of the Bible
  • Strand 3: Understanding Issues Biblically
You will require a trainer to teach the short course (‘strand’) by using our trainer’s booklet as a guide for activity instructions, helpful discussion questions, and more!

Find out more about strands here.

Bible talks:

  • To feed you, and
  • To show you the skills in action

All-new practical workshops:

  • From our preachers showing you how they do what they do
  • From special guests on relevant skills and subject areas

When and where can I do it?

NextGen starts in January each year. You can do it anytime, anywhere (it’s online) and complete as many of the short courses as quickly or as slowly as you like.

We recommend doing it with others in a group with a leader who has had some Bible college training or Bible-teaching experience, and where you can share and learn together.

NextGen 2021

NextGen 2020

Why do NextGen?

The Bible is the most important book in the world. There’s nothing like the moment when you discover for yourself just how wonderfully it’s been put together, and how much confidence that gives you to share it with others.

NextGen exists because we believe knowing God’s Word is key to knowing God. We are passionate about seeing individuals, ministry teams, everyday leaders and churches, grow in their love of the Bible through their literacy of the Bible.  We know this kind of love and literacy is crucial in seeing more people come to, grow and share their faith.

NextGen Testimonials

Hear what previous NextGen delegates have to say!

“Fantastic training conference that gave me the tools I needed to be confident and competent in reading God’s Word for myself and teaching it with clarity and conviction to others.”


“NextGen is an amazing experience to grow in your love and knowledge of God. Every year I have been inspired and challenged in my faith and how I teach and encourage others.”

NextGen 2020 Delegate

A ministry of KCC

NextGen is a ministry of Katoomba Christian Convention. We are an interdenominational, not-for-profit Bible-preaching convention ministry . Our passion is to see our nation transformed by Jesus Christ through the powerful preaching of the Bible.

Our Partners


With a heritage spanning 160 years, Anglicare is a Christian organisation with a mission to serve people in need, enrich lives and share the love of Jesus.


Anglican Aid longs to see the grace of God overflowing to a world in need. We transform communities by building relationships between Australian Christians and the local church overseas.

Situated at universities across NSW, we are student accommodation providers committed to the formation of young people through the Christian ethos, community, safety, and pastoral care.

SMBC is centred on the Bible and passionate about God’s mission. Its diverse, learning communities pursue spiritual growth and ministry competencies — to the glory of God.


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