Strand Material

About NextGen 2022 strand content.

For those entering Year 11 or 12 in 2022 (or equivalent age), before they do Strand One.

This course is just for our young ‘rising’ leaders! Before you start working on specific skills or how to teach, we’ll be looking at the heart and character of a leader based on what the Bible has to say.  You’ll grow through this course in your own character and your faith in Jesus, so that however you serve in the future, your foundations will be strong. You can look forward to reflecting on your own story and learning how to share this story with others confidently! At the end of the course, you will also have your own Personal Training Plan to keep growing as a leader beyond NextGen.

Start here: For you if you are starting NextGen for the first time!

Strand One is where your journey learning how to read, understand and share the Bible starts! Here you will learn the NextGen model – a simple, clear way of organising your thoughts and staying on track when reading the Bible. This course will focus on showing you the importance of content and context to arrive at a ‘big idea’ when reading a Bible passage, so you can then draw real applications from it. You will finish Strand One having worked through a set New Testament (NT) passage using the model, which you can then turn into a Bible study or simple Bible talk.

For you if you have done Strand One and keen to get into the big picture of the Bible.

Ever felt overwhelmed by trying to understand how everything in the Bible fits together? This next course builds on the model you learnt in Strand One, expanding to look at the Old Testament (OT). You will come out of Strand Two able to look at how a passage fits into the whole story of the Bible, and with an understanding of the OT in light of Jesus. Working on a set OT passage through the course, you will be confident using the full model and in using this to develop a Bible study or simple Bible talk.

For you if you’ve finished Strands One and Two and are ready to learn how to work through a topic or issue biblically.

What does the Bible actually have to say about sexuality or materialism? Have you ever wanted (or needed) to dig into what the Bible has to say about a particular topic? In this course, you will work through the topic of social justice to understand how to do just this. You will have the opportunity to pick your own topic to explore, and then present this to the rest of your group. When you have finished Strand Three, you will be equipped with the tools to tackle topics or issues biblically in your own personal life and in serving.

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